My first piece, Baby Dump Eindhoven 1994, together with OZON


Scor & Sain, Eindhoven 1994


Rone & Rule, 1995 Babydump hof Eindhoven




Simpl, 1995


Hins, Grafisch Lyceum Eindhoven


Hins, Baby Dump Eindhoven 1997


Hinz, '96


US Wear, one of my 1st commercial job, Eindhoven 1995


SKN by Scan '98 made on a PVDA politics day in Eindhoven


Geldrop, with Deshamer, Sonik, Marc, Sekty, Clone, ScanOne.


Scan 1999 Blauwe Lotus Eindhoven


Hins, Baby Dump 1997


Scan, 1999 Eindhoven CS.


Scan, Eindhoven CS '98


Skan, 1999 Eindhoven CS


Sken, railtrack '98


Onor, Baby Dump Eindhoven 1995


Graffiti Jam Den Bosch


Hins, Graffiti Jam Dynamo Eindhoven, zie onder artikel in de krant.


Hins, Graffiti Jam Dynamo Eindhoven


Hins, Eindhoven 1995


OZON - MESKR + - HINS at Blauwe Lotus Eindhoven


Hinz, project poolcenter Roermond


Hins, silver '97


ScanOne, Mierlo-hout.


Depo 1995


F. van Boxtel, truck project '99, Veldhoven


Groene wand, track side Eindhoven


Depo, Eindhoven 1996


Ozic & Depo


Hins, 1997


Project voor vakantiepark 't Wolfsven Mierlo '98